2021 Meeker Skijor Rules


Space is limited, so be sure to register as soon as possible as preference will be awarded to those who sign up first.  All registration payments will be due at race sign in on Friday, February 19, 2021.  If you do not show up for registration, you will not be entered for the races, and your reserved spot will go to the next in line.



Open 3D - $25/participant ($50/team)

Sport (Novice under $1000 earnings) - $25/participant ($50/team)


Rules are solely for the competitors’ safety, both horse and human, and to ensure a fair competition at the Meeker Skijoring Races.  All rules are required to be followed by Meeker Skijoring Race competitors.


In our races, the Track Boss has the ultimate say in determining participant and equine safety.  We reserve the right to disqualify any competitor in the event unsafe actions are observed.  We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone the entire event should dangerous conditions arise.  Final authority in such matters lies solely on the Track Boss.



A team consists of a horse, rider, and skier and will get one run each day.  A skier cannot ski behind the same horse more than once per day, and a horse may only run two times per day.  

Local Team: Both rider and skier must reside in Rio Blanco County.

Sport Team: Both rider and skier must not have won over $1000 in any skijor event singularly or combined.

Youth Team: Non-competitive fun run.  May be pulled by an advanced rider already entered in the event and will not count towards the horse’s two run limit.



A skier may compete in any division.

All skiers must wear approved snow sport helmets.

Any skiers under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign parental consent forms, and parents/guardians must be on site during race. 

Proof of health insurance is mandatory for any competitor under 18.

It is suggested that bindings be inspected by a professional prior to skiing.



If a rider has more than one horse, they may be entered in the same or different divisions, as long as they adhere to pulling a skier once a race.

All riders must be on time for their runs.  Any rider that cannot be ready on time due to running too many horses or horse difficulty will be moved later in the order.  The second failure to be ready will result in a DQ for that run. The track boss has full discretion on rolling teams as needed. 


Riders have 4 minutes to begin the run.  Time starts when the team is called by the Starting Gate Judge.  If the rider has not started their run by the 4 minute mark the team will move to the bottom of the order.  The second failure to be ready will result in DQ of that run.


A rider may compete in more than one division, but must compete on a different horse in each Division entered. i.e. if a rider has 2 horses they may be entered in the same or different divisions, a horse may not cross divisions.


A horse may not run more than twice per day.  

The use of a standard western bit includes: 8 ½“ maximum shank length.  Shanks may be fixed or loose.  If a curb bit is used, it must be free of mechanical devices and should be considered a standard western bit.  A curb strap is required and must be ½; in width and lie flat against the jaw.  No barbs, wire or twists may be used as a curb strap.  

It is recommended that horses have leg protection. 



  1. Each team gets one run per day.  The team’s day one time will be averaged with the day two time and ranked accordingly using a 3D format using 1.5 second splits between divisions.  A DNF on any day will be ranked lower than a team with two qualifying times.  A run with penalties will be marked lower than a run without.

  2. All participants must sign both the Meeker Skijor and Rio Blanco County liability waivers prior to the competition.  These will be available at registration.

  3. No dogs will be allowed outside of vehicles at the race venue. Pets must remain inside the cab of vehicles. 

  4. A missed ring will result in a 2 second penalty, missed gate or jump will receive 5 second penalty.  If a horse breaks the plane of a jump or hits ring stands a 5 second penalty will result.  If a horse or skier knocks over timing equipment the team will be DNF.

  5. No aerial drones.

  6. Races need to be vigilant about starting on time.  

  7. If a horse, rider, skier, or any equipment is deemed unsafe, that individual will be asked to leave at any time by the Track Boss or any Meeker Skijor Official.  This includes anyone intoxicated/under the influence.

  8. If a skier drops the rope before crossing the starting line, he/she will be allowed a restart immediately.  The four minute rule applies and restarts upon the judges determination of a clear course.  If a delay or the skier drops the rope a second time, the team will be disqualified for the run, including carryovers.   If the horse runs the course without stopping for the skier, the team will be disqualified.

  9. The skier must finish in an upright position and on at least one ski, with rope in hand when crossing the finish line.  Both ski boots must cross the finish line.

  10. Both ski tips and boots must go around a gate, or the gate is considered missed. 

  11. Participants may use batons to spear rings.  Batons are not required, thus no penalty if the baton is dropped.

  12. All competitors must be informed of their time at the end of their run before the start of the next run.  Times will be announced over the PA system. 

  13. If there is a protest on time due to missed rings/gates, the protest must happen IMMEDIATELY before the next run.   Competitors must notify a race official.  Once the next race rolls, you cannot protest the results.

  14. All performance-enhancing drugs for humans/horses are prohibited and will not be tolerated.  

  15. If a ring falls off the ring stand due to wind or other forces caused by mother nature, a deduction will NOT be taken.  The judgment of the presiding gate judge will be final.

  16. Rope length cannot exceed 33 feet in length. Handles are prohibited. Overhand knot on skiers end of rope is acceptable, a loop on the skier end of rope is also acceptable, teams may use their own ropes, so long as they have been inspected by the starting gate judge.

  17. Gates getting hit and popping off are not reason for a flag from officials. If the rope pulls a gate out of the ground, no gate penalty will be assessed.


The following will result in a No Time and Disqualification from the event:

  1. Infraction of any state or federal law which exists pertaining to the exhibition, care and custody of horses within the State of Colorado and Rio Blanco County.

  2. Abuse of an animal on premises and/or evidence that an act of abuse has occurred prior to or during the event. 

  3. Use of illegal equipment.

  4. Failure to dismount and present horse equipment to the official if asked.

  5. Participant under the influence.



Substitutions in any class are allowed for any team member ONLY under the following circumstances:

  1. The team member being substituted is unable to compete due to injury, family emergency, or other reason acceptable to the Track Boss. 

  2. The substituted member is eligible to compete in that class.

  3. No refunds will be given.

  4. Teams with subs will be considered if sub happens before their first race.

Please have responsible fun, and thank you for supporting our race!!!!